Students Fail in Alarming Numbers in Matric and Intermediate Exams

The future of thousands of high school and college students in Lahore is at risk due to their failure in annual exams. According to reports, 34% of high school students and 23% of college students failed their exams. As a result, 20,000 students will not be able to continue their education.

It is worth noting that the annual exams in the past couple of years were held under a special Coronavirus policy, which resulted in a 100% pass rate. However, a large number of students failed exams held without a special policy.

In a separate development, not a single student from the 25 public and 13 private colleges in Karachi failed to pass their annual exams. As a result, the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) revoked the registration of these colleges and reprimanded the principals of these institutions for their poor results.

This situation highlights the importance of providing adequate support and resources to students in order to ensure their academic success. It is crucial for educational authorities to address the issues that are leading to these failures and work towards providing a better learning environment for students.

The high failure rate in Lahore raises concerns about the overall quality of education in the region. Educational authorities must improve the education system and provide students with the necessary support. This will ensure that they are able to succeed academically. This may include implementing better teaching methods, providing additional resources and support to struggling students, and addressing any systemic issues that may be contributing to the high failure rate.

Overall, the situation in Lahore and Karachi highlights the importance of ensuring that students have the necessary resources and support to succeed academically. It is the responsibility of educational authorities to address any issues that may be hindering student progress and work towards creating a better learning environment. Only by addressing these issues can we ensure that the future of our students is secure and that they are able to achieve their full potential.